Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Styled by Green

Question: Where do you find such cute things?

Guess: Macys, Herbergers, Kohls, Target?

Answer: None of those.

The hhdollhouse's primary resources for fashion and household items are second hand shops. Our motivations for this are stewardship of the earth, to avoid support of international sweat shops, and to support local businesses. Our top choices for earth stewardship are Goodwill Easter Seals, Salvation Army, and Estate Sales. This month we are highlighting our favorite ways to be green and demonstrate stewardship of our Blessed earth.

• Shop church sales, thrift shops, and craft fairs to support small businesses
• Donate clothing to community oriented organizations like Goodwill Easter Seals (purchases support jobs for adults with disabilities), Courage Center (support families with complex disabilities), or women's shelters
• Shop estate sales for preowned furniture. Save as much as 50% on the second day.
• Shop antique shops for jewelry (wedding, anniversary) at a fraction of the price.
• Shop & sell used books rather than new books (sorry e book fans;hand held e devices are becoming the top contributer of landfill waste)
• Donate backpacks to schools for kids
• Use paper grocery bags as a biodegradable weed block for your garden
• Use old tote bags, purses, backpacks, etc as your grocery bags
• Return those plastic bags, CDs, DVDs, & more at Best Buy, Walmart, & Target
• Buy biodegradable trash bags at ecoproducts.com
• Buy biodegradable soy based plastic utensils rather than traditional PVC and BPA
• Use corn meal gluten, boiling water, or your hand(s) to kill weeds
• Use soy based insecticides like ecosense by ortho or use borax (safe for homes with children & pets)
• Create your own compost with paper plates, left over vegetables and grass clippings
• Create your own herb and vegetable garden then share with family & friends
• Use rain buckets to naturally water your garden
• Use eggshells or can of beer to naturally rid your garden of slugs
• Use resources like freecycle.org to get rid of or find cool stuff
• Repurpose vintage furniture, bikes, & other items into new use such as plant holder
• Use low emission, Low or Zero VOC, paints
• Use vintage, antique furniture as your new bathroom vanity or kitchen cupboards
• Use old light fixtures as your new sink basin
• Reuse, Recycle, Be Green, & Be Good Stewards…viva Vintage…viva Green…Go Stewards ;)

*** ANNOUNCMENT! Join us May 5th at Craftstravaganza at the State Fair Grounds. Showcasing our lovely vintage button jewelry for beauties like the one featured in this Diary edition. Visit http://www.craftstravaganza.com/ for details. ***

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