Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring 2011: Fashion Vocabulary Charm Bracelets

Greetings my fellow DOLLS! Jewelry has been the ultimate accessory for womens fashion for ages: 19th Century Georgian & Victorian, 20th century Art Deco & Mid Century Mod. Throughout the 20th century, American and European fashion designers used jewelry to compliment their seasonal looks. Chanel, Dior, YSL, and Givenchy all got their starts in early 20th century fashion jewelry. Today's fashion designers are reintroducing jewelry designs of the past. Join us on our monthly tour of fashion vocabulary & designs. The hhdollhouse will feature modern fashion and fine jewelry designs paired with its superb vintage counterpart. Enjoy! -hh

Charm bracelets have been embraced for thousands of years. These earliest form of bracelet used sea shells, mother of pearl, tusks, and fish bones as materials. As the 19th century arrived, metal charms became the accent of choice. Heart charms were especially popular during the Victorian era. Today, charm bracelets are ever popular via contemporary designers Lia Sophia and Pandora. However, independent jewelry designers and artists are creating their own twist on the thousands year old accessory. The hhdollhouse's jewelry designer incorporates antique Victorian to vintage Mad Men era buttons into handwoven upcycled charm bracelets. The finished product is a stunning collaboration of new design on an old fashion favorite (photo above).

Calender of Events 2011:
Cats Pajamas Vintage Clothing & Textile Show, June 24th-25th at MN Fairgrounds
Andover Carousel Craft Show, October 1 at Andover Community Center

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Enjoy! -hh