Friday, December 10, 2010

December 2010: Fashion Vocabulary Feature Hinged Bracelets with Taille Depargne, Black Enamel, & Snake Figurals

Greetings my fellow DOLLS! Jewelry has been the ultimate accessory for womens fashion for ages: 19th Century Georgian & Victorian, 20th century Art Deco & Mid Century Mod. Throughout the 20th century, American and European fashion designers used jewelry to compliment their seasonal looks. Chanel, Dior, YSL, and Givenchy all got their starts in early 20th century fashion jewelry. Today's fashion designers are reintroducing jewelry designs of the past. Join us on our monthly tour of fashion vocabulary & designs. The hhdollhouse will feature modern fashion and fine jewelry designs paired with its superb vintage counterpart. Enjoy! -hh

Hinged bracelets have adorned the dainty wrists of women since the Victorian era. The bracelets of the 1800s were exclusively made of gold & gold fill and designed with spectaular engraved or black enamel ornamentation called Taille D'epargne. Kate Spade has an excellent modern twist on this old design of black enamel hinge bracelets. Kate Spade's modern enamel bracelet is 12k gold plate and in flower motif at $175. The vintage, Victorian era gold & enamel bracelet will cost you between $75 to $200 and be a dolltastic, one of a kind historical conversation piece.

Roberto Cavalli also uses the hinged bracelet design of the 19th & 20th century with the classic serpent figural used most often during the mid 20th century, 60s era and earlier. The serpent or snake jewelry has been used throughout history with varied powerful meanings: love, rebirth, royalty. Roberto Cavalli has a fantastic black enamel hinged bracelet at $370. The Mad Men era, vintage enamel serpent bracelet is offered in a rainbow of enamel and jewel tone rhinestones by designer Ophelia at $175.

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